Friday, February 27, 2009

How Not To Make a Poodle Skirt

1.  Make a late hour run to the fabric store with your daughter to pick out material.

2.  Chuckle when the lady at Joann's tells you that your poodle skirt is going to be short.

3.  Wait until 11:30pm to pull out your material and try to draft a pattern.

4.  Realize that the lady at Joann's was right.  You didn't buy enough fabric.

5.  Cut out the skirt and piece together a yoke to give it more length.

6.  Tell your husband it will only take you a few minutes to put it all together.  Roll your eyes when he tells you all your projects take an hour.

7.  Use your serger to whip it all together super quick.  Then spend at least 30 minutes fiddling with the ribbon trim at the top.  Iron on the poodle decal.

8.  Show your hubby the new poodle skirt and try not to point out that he was right; it took you 1 hour.  

9.  Pretend like you meant to leave off the poodle leash when hubby points it out. 

10.  Paint on poodle leash.  Pray that daughter will not hate the skirt saving you from trying to make a new one before school.

11.  Breath a sigh of relief when daughter loves it.

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