Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm sick. Fever, aches, pains, congestion, coughing kind of sick. I don't like it.

I had so many plans for today. Fresh strawberry jam to preserve, books to read, quilts to piece and farms to visit. Instead, I'm sitting here feeling awful while The Statistician turns into super dad and takes the boys to the farm to watch sheep shearing action. I'm grateful to have such a good hubby.

He went out this morning and bought me lots of kinds of fluids and a pint of delicious Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Creme Brulee. Mmmmm.

I love my hubby.

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Myrnie said...

Oh, so NOT lovely to be sick! Feel better soon...

but I think having a husband like that, and ice cream, must have a therapeutic effect :) What a sweeheart!